Fellowship: University of Houston Law Center EENR Center, Post-graduate Research Scholar re Carbon Capture (Deadline: ASAP/September)

A fellowship notice from my emails:

UHLC’s EENR Center will be hiring a post graduate research scholar to coordinate legal research in carbon capture and management.  There are now multiple proposals for at scale carbon sequestration programs, particularly for the industrial corridor along the Gulf Coast.  The Center for Carbon Management at UH is supplying funding to EENR for up to 4 years for a person to coordinate research on legal and policy impacts surrounding carbon management.  The position will be supervised by EENR’s co-drectors: Gina Warren, Tracy Hester, and Victor Flatt/

All applicants must apply through the University’s hiring portal, which has more specific information:

Job Description – Research Scholar – Environment, Energy & Natural Resources (FAC001858) (taleo.net)

We will begin reviewing applications immediately and would like to hire by September.

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