Remarkable Climate Change Decision from a French Court

While there is a wealth of climate cases pending in courts across the world, success for climate activists has been very limited. Last year, in the Urgenda case, the Dutch Supreme Court affirmed an earlier lower court decision finding that the government had not done enough to cut greenhouse gas emissions. This French decision is apparently the first in France finding the government liable for climate harms.

1 thought on “Remarkable Climate Change Decision from a French Court

  1. Damn! That self-examination gets you every time…We all have had the “public trust doctrine” for Centuries and France was once part of the Roman Empire. When Justinian encoded “Law,” it was the duty of the Emperor to harmonize the civil law with the law of nature when there were conflicts. Maybe, before launching something like the 1619 Project, the New York Times might ask their staff to do a little research…Then maybe we could be a little “smarter” about this whole thing.

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