Summer Study in Singapore: “Business and the Environment” (May 21 -June 8, 2018)

Santa Clara University Law School is offering a study-abroad program in Singapore this coming summer (May 21-June 8), focused on “Business and the Environment.”  The course offers a comprehensive overview of legal issues located at the intersection of business, the environment, and climate change.  Students will gain a global and regional perspective through the study of international and comparative environmental law, as well as a comparative study of legal systems and traditions of the various nations within Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The course will also address business and tax issues that are associated with environmental issues. The faculty is drawn from U.S. and local law schools in Singapore and consists of internationally renowned experts in business and environmental law.

For additional info, please visit the program website:  Please share this info with any person who might be interested in this topic.

For questions, please contact Carly Koebel (program administrator) at or Professor Tseming Yang (program director) at

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