Fellowship: Vermont Law School Energy Clinic, Climate Justice Fellow (Deadline: May 1, 2017, South Royalton, Vermont)

From my email:

“As a result of a recent grant from Jane’s Trust Foundation, the VLS Energy Clinic will be hiring a Climate Justice Fellow to work with us for two years beginning Fall 2017 while also pursuing an LLM in Energy Law. The fellowship provides a $30,000 per year stipend and a full tuition waiver for applicants who have been accepted into our Energy LLM program, as well as, an opportunity to work in our year-round energy clinic on climate justice issues. Our Energy Clinic, which is a program of our Institute for Energy and the Environment, would be pleased to receive applications from any of your graduates interested in pursuing an LLM and working on these issues. Your recommendations will be important to our hiring decisions. Attorneys licensed to practice in New England are encouraged to apply but this is not a requirement of the fellowship.

The Climate Justice Fellowship will advance efficient, sustainable and affordable energy solutions and assist those most vulnerable to the effects of energy poverty across New England. The Fellowship will formalize the Clinic’s role as a regional resource advancing low-income community energy resource adoption in New England through focused technical assistance to housing agencies and other service organizations, outreach and public education to low-income communities regarding the environmental and financial benefits of solar and other clean energy technologies, and training and peer support for organizations working toward similar goals.”



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