Latest on proposals for continuation of Kyoto Protocol QELROs beyond 2012

I just spent the last few hours digging through the documents that are available for the ongoing negotiations in Doha on the UNFCCC website.  Transparency is great, of course, and the amount of available information for such negotiations is a night-and-day difference from just a decade ago.  But it also provides a deluge of information and documents that can bury some of the more significant documents and processes.  I always wonder how some of the smaller nation (or those with lesser resources to focus on international environmental negotiations) can possibly keep up with the mountain of paperwork and meetings. 

I came across the latest draft (dated December 1) of negotiation proposals (as prepared by the chair of that workgroup) for the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol, i.e. amendment of the the KP for a new commitment period (2013-2017 or 2020), emission reduction commitments, and related issues.  Here’s link:

Unfortunately, the document shows lots of unresolved issues — all of the major ones, essentially.  And of course, stark acknowledgment that Russia, Japan, and Canada are out for the next commitment period (and apparently also New Zealand). 

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