More on EPA’s General Counsel Retirement

Here’s a story by Dawn Reeves from today’s Inside EPA on Scott Fulton:

EPA’s Top Lawyer Retires

Posted: November 27, 2012
EPA General Counsel Scott Fulton is retiring from the agency effective Jan. 3, leaving open another top slot for President Obama to fill in his second term.

Fulton, whose departure was announced by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in an email last week, oversaw the agency’s lawyers during a period of mixed legal outcomes — though some pending cases could still face additional review by the Supreme Court. He will become a visiting scholar at the Environmental Law Institute.

In addition to Fulton, other top slots that will have to be filled include leaders of the agency’s water and toxics offices. Jackson has not said whether she will remain at the agency, though some sources say the White House may ask her to stay on to avoid a “hellish” Senate confirmation battle.
Jackson announced Fulton’s departure with “mixed emotions,” citing his “leadership, impeccable judgment, respected integrity and considerable experience.” Principal Deputy General Counsel Brenda Mallory will serve as acting general counsel, according to Jackson’s email, where she also praised deputy general counsels Avi Garbow and Bicky Corman as “invaluable” saying they “provide outstanding leadership in the coming months.”

For more, see the following link that Inside EPA kindly provided:

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