SEPA Investigations Announced & Contaminated Fish

SEPA is investigating the company (Changbaishan Jingxi Chemical Co.) that caused the pollutant spill into the Songhua river tributary last week (see my earlier posting). (Xinhua 9/3). Interestingly enough, there are also simultaneous SEPA investigations looking not only at other private companies but also local governments. These include the “county government of Xin’an in central China’s Henan Province has allowed the construction of more than 100 factories with no waste-treatment facilities since 1998. The municipal government in Jinhua in east China’s Zhejiang Province, allegedly interfered with the enforcement of environmental laws. The Yili Prefecture in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is held responsible for the discharging of massive quantities of industrial pollutants.”

SCMP also noted in an article that fish and shrimp coming into Hong Kong from Guangdong province has been found to contain high levels of methyltestosterone and chloramphenicol, a male hormone and an antibiotic. (SCMP 9/3). Authorities suspect that the contamination is the result of fish farmers using these chemicals in the ponds used to raise the fish and shrimp.

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